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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Well Crap!

Today's visit to the clinic was suppossed to reassure us that her numbers were on the upward trend and we would be full steam ahead for chemo to start on Monday. You know there is a "but'' coming don't you? Yeah.
So her hemoglobin and platelets were so low they gave her a transfusion. They also said she should continue getting the neupogen shots everyday in hopes that her numbers will go bacK up. Sounds great in theory except we used our last shot last night and the pharmacy did not get the order from the clinic before they closed today. They could not fill the Rx and we now have no shot to administer. The after-hours-on-call-doctor sent over the order and the shots should be delivered first thing in the morning. He will check with our oncologist to see if we should give her two shots tomorrow to catch up after missing her dose tonight. She will be in quarantine until we get her numbers back on Monday. They want her ANC to be above 1000. Amanda's today was 198. Just scary low. Keep those germs away! Oh yeah, and if her numbers don't go up dramatically they will postpone the chemo until her body is better able to handle it. This could set us back an entire week, which would then set her inpatient chemo back a week and wind us in the hospital exactly when I was trying to avoid it. *sigh* Hope for the best and deal with things as they come I guess.
Now, because I always look for the silver lining, I shall leave you with the two positive things from our evening together. #1) Since there was no shot to give, we were able to yell, ''no pokes!" when it was time for jammies. #2) I read her a story about the bear who stays up for Christmas, and when I pointed out Santa Clause she started singing Jingle Bells! I didn't even know she knew that song!

Mere :0)

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