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Monday, November 24, 2008


After being in quarantine all weekend Amanda developed a good case of Cabin
Fever. She is hyper. Running, jumping, swinging, climbing and getting into
trouble...on purpose. She is unhappy and letting us know it. The numbers
today were better than Thursday but not good enough to start chemo today.
Her ANC is back up to above quarantine levels so she should be able to
safely mix and mingle with family for the Thanksgiving Holiday. However,
her white blood cell count and platelets are still a bit on the low side.
She will get another shot of Neupogen on Wednesday night and we will check
her counts again on Friday morning. That should be able to tell us if we
can start the chemo next week Monday. This of course will push back the
entire schedule and land us in the hospital for her inpatient chemo the week
after Christmas. The exact week I was trying to avoid. But, we do what we
have to do, don't we? So, between Daddy and Grammy and me we will get
through the week and I will get to the office and she will once again be
just fine. (Daddy may need a little extra encouragement as the last time he
was left alone with her in the hospital she managed to step on her IV tube
and de-access herself, but he's a big boy. He'll be Ok.) They drew blood to
check the AFP (cancer marker in the blood) but we have not heard back from
the lab on that one yet.

Speaking of Daddy. We are celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary tomorrow.
The first five years seem to all blur together with bits and pieces sticking
out here and there. The last three years? Holy Cow, what a ride! I give
him the credit for my own sanity. He keeps me grounded, keeps things in
perspective, keeps me laughing and goes the extra mile to make life easier
for me. I wouldn't trade him, or our life together with all of its ups and
downs, for anything. I honestly am thankful for my life and the amazing
people in it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mere :0)


Kris said...

I was so sorry to hear of Manda's set back. However as history has proved you can't hold the girl down for long. She is amazing!!! As is her parents!!

I wanted to wish you all a happy, happy Thanksgiving. You remind us all of all the things in our lives we are thankful for.

Sending you love, thoughts and prayers!!


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you know it? I go offline for 11 days, and then I find this! I'll be keeping good thoughts for you all and hope for a way to avoid what you didn't want.

Here's hoping Manda's numbers come up and the pharmacy gets their act together - hardly like it was a request for tyelenol. *sigh*