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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yay Times Two

Two quick things to celebrate this weekend.

1) Manda's numbers are back up in a safe range which means she got to play with her cousins this weekend AND she can start chemo on Monday.

2) The latest AFP (the cancer marker in her blood) is 11.6!!! Normal is 8 or less. We're getting closer!

Mere :0)

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VHMPrincess said...

double yay indeed!! I think of Manda all the time, hoping that she's having a good day! If it's possible, if you would like to send me your address I would love to send her a Christmas card from my kids to her?

Beth said...

Oh awesome! I can't wait to see when they are in the normal range! Happy (belated) turkey day to you, Mere!

Miss W said...

Best Thanksgiving weekend news I've heard. So very thankful that things are going your way!

Anonymous said...

This is EXCELLENT news on both counts! (I didn't ever think I'd be one who wrote yay to chemo, but hey I roll with it, and does it ever seem to be working!)

swtsurvivor said...

That is TERRIFIC!!!! Every little piece of good news is something to celebrate!! You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Happy belated Anniversary, I hope you two were able to find a few moments of peace and serenity to concentrate on each other. Love you all!!!!!