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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Guess Not

The big side effect they worry about after receiving Adriamycin is mouth sores. They could lead to infection and/or dehydration. To combat the mouth sores Manda is taking Glutamine twice a day. So far we have only noticed a spot on her upper lip which is probably just chapped after spending a week in the hospital. My own lips came out quite chapped due to the super dry air on the Oncology floor. The Glutamine is actually an amino acid rather than a drug but we consider it just another med on her list. The good news is, when we are home, she takes her meds without question. It is only in the hospital that she will refuse whatever drink we try to hide them in. She is too smart for us!
Anyway, as Manda continues to request mustard and pretzels, I don't think she has mouth sores.

Mere :0)

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