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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

One for the History/Baby Book

Last night Amanda was practicing drinking from a "big girl cup".  That would be one without a sippy spout, and therefore, no non-drip valve.  She does fairly well with this, but sometimes gets carried away and tries to drink too fast resulting in water sloshing around her lips and down her front rather than into her mouth.  This is why she practices at the dinner table and only with about an ounce of water at a time.  She was doing really well, only a few stray drips when all of a sudden the cup tipped higher and water just poured down her front.  I said, "Whoops!" and was on my way to fetch some paper towel when she put the cup down on the table, raised her hands in the air and yelled, "G*d D*mn it!".  It was one of those moments when Daddy and I looked at each other and without words knew we were each thinking the same thing.  "Did you hear what I think I just heard?" Trying hard not to react (as proper toddler parents are supposed to do in this situation) I retrieved the paper towel and blotted the wet spot on her Elmo shirt which was declaring her "2 Cute".  The entire situation just hit me and I laughed.  I said, "Well, it was bound to happen sometime."  I guess I thought her first swear word would come as a direct repeat of what someone had just said, not out of the blue like this. So, a whee bit of censorship will now be used in the house that free speech built.

Mere :0)

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Anna Dummer said...

Holy cow, two cutie girl stories in one day, how lucky can a girl get? :) I laughed outloud for awhile on that one! And no worries about not writing me back silly, you're kinda busy with life!