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Friday, November 7, 2008

Hanging Out and Bouncing Off the Walls

So here we are again. Manda ran around the clinic non-stop all day and finally fell asleep in Grammy's lap right before they gave her our room assignment. That is how I found them when I got here. Once she woke up it was full steam ahead again but this time we had a home base. If you think of the inpatient area as a large block letter A, the nurses station is at the top with two hallways stretching back and a shorter hall to connect them. With the stroller holding Baby, Elmo and Meow we walked/ran around and around and around and around. She has just settled down with her water to, no, scratch that. She was supposed to be settled down for the night but as I write this, she has once again gotten to her feet and is attempting to engage my interest by sitting on her LeapPad and saying things like, "Hi!" and "Uh-Oh!".
Aside from the obvious hyper nature of the girl, (I swear they put caffeine in the IV) she is doing really well. The AFP, the cancer marker we are watching in her blood work, has continued to drop post-surgery. Prior to surgery it was 16,450. Immediately after surgery it was 883. Today's number was 50! Our goal is <8. We will continue the aggressive chemo for two or three rounds after we reach that "normal" number, then they will do maintainance chemo in the hopes that it won't come back. We are getting closer.
Now, we shall settle in for the weekend. She is getting the Cisplatin now. That will finish about 1am. Then she is simply hydrated for four hours and the Adriamycin starts around 5am. This time it will be a full four day drip so it will finish on Tuesday at 5am. We should be able to head home that afternoon. She'll do fine, but wish me luck in keeping up with her!

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