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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Long Week...Not Over Yet

Amanda had her post-operative CT scan yesterday morning.  This will be our new baseline off of which we can measure future scans.  It should show nothing.  I expect it will still be a day or two (or more) before I hear the results but that is fine.  We tried to get the BAER hearing screening scheduled for the same time as the CT scan so she would only need to be sedated once. (Two birds with one stone.) However, they could not get a doctor from the sedation department, a CT room and an audiologist all lined up at the same time.  SO, she will have to go back in on Friday for the BAER.  Friday is fiscal year end at the office so I am going to sit this one out, Daddy and Grammy will both be there with her.  This caused much stress and anxiety yesterday but thankfully the dentist was able to reschedule Daddy's appointment for the second time in a week so he can be there.  Our first thought was to just have Grammy take her down, but due to the sedation, they require a parent to sign consent to treat forms.  *sigh*
We saw the eye doctor on Tuesday.  He has been watching her eyes since before she left the NICU.  He said in June that looking at her eyes you would never know she had been a preemie. (YAY!) He said this week that her eyes are very healthy and he sees no side effects from the chemo (the Vincristine can cause issues with the muscles around the eyes) and the Duane's Retraction Syndrome even looks better than it did before.  She is looking very straight (as opposed to turning her head to the side).  He said her current glasses are a bit underpowered but she can continue to wear them unless she breaks them and only then would it be worth getting new ones. (Double Yay!)  He also said she was "smart".  It is enough to melt one's heart.
One last thing, just for human interest (you know, because she isn't interesting enough already).  Amanda's favorite new "game" in the car is going under bridges.  She became fascinated by tunnels in her blossoming interest in trains and thought the bridges on the highway were tunnels.  We told her they were bridges and we go UNDER bridges as opposed to going THROUGH tunnels.  Now she watches for bridges coming up and yells "Here Comes!" and as we go under I yell, "UNDER!" and she LAUGHS and asks for "Nother one!"  For all the stress she has brought to my life, she sure does make me smile.

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Nancy said...

a lot of good news this morning :-)
She is such a little fighter and an inspiration to us all.... and
she does make us smile !

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and your little punkin with Halloween so close! Hugs from North Carolina..

kim said...

God, I love that kid!

Anonymous said...

I hope the CT results are too long in coming and that everything goes smoothly on Friday - I'm sorry you have to be a work.

Great news about the eyes check-up!

Good think I don't live near you, because I'd be scoping out the drive with the most bridges possible just to hear her yell that!

JenP said...

She's such an amazing little girl.