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Friday, August 15, 2008


Manda is doing well.  Better than expected actually which is why her inpatient chemo was moved up a week.  We were thinking that we still would not be able to go on our annual weekend at Michigan International Speedway for the NASCAR race this weekend since her numbers would be dropping about now.  BUT, they were up quite high on Thursday and we started holding off on the shots that day to let the numbers drop off until Monday when she will get her next shot, then check the labs again next Thursday when she gets her next chemo. I asked when she was inpatient about continuing the shots so that the white blood cells and the ANC would not drop so low in hopes of staying out of quarantine but they explained that having her numbers drop that low is part of the treatment itself.  They WANT her to drop and then come back up again.  So, it will happen whether we are here or at MIS.  Grammy can take the same precautions we can and IF something were to happen, say if she were to develop a fever, then she would call the Oncologist on-call this weekend and then call us and we would be home in a couple of hours.  It took me quite a while to come to this level-headed conclusion.  I was afraid we would be down at the track and I would be consumed with worry and panic and ruin the weekend.  However, in seeing how well she is doing, getting into trouble all over the place, and needing a break myself, we are going. Yay!
We are officially on vacation...for the weekend.  As Amanda says when she sees the cars racing on TV, or for that matter, when I speed up to pull onto the highway in the morning...ZOOOOOOM!!!!!! 

Mere :0)

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