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Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Should Know Better

By now, you would think I would just give in to having complete confidence in Manda's ability to be fabulous in everything she attempts.  When I woke her up this morning she looked at me then rolled over, pulled Meow over her head and said, "More nigh-night".  I told her we both wished for that but unfortunately there was no chance of it, "and look, Elmo is already up and ready to go!" (pointing to the Elmo doll I had placed on the changing table)  This did not do much to impress her.
We went to the clinic today for this week's dose of chemo.  She did not have lab work done on Monday and we knew her numbers would be falling this week since we have been spacing out the shots.  I actually covered my eyes when the nurse brought the paper in with the results.  They were good.  Low yes, but not in the danger zone low like last month.  She is hovering just above Q-level.  Yay!  She just never ceases to amaze and delight.
In other news, her new vocabulary words this month are "Love You".  From her it comes out sounding a bit like, "LA-leeew" but we know what she means.  We were on our way to Grammy's house yesterday morning when I heard her say, "LA-lew Meow".  I smiled and wanted to cry at the same time. 
Last but not least, I would like to point out the fact that she has not lost all of her hair.  She has the cute pixie cut we had done when it was falling out in big snarling clumps last month, but it appears her hair has just thinned out a lot instead of going totally bald.  She takes after her great-grandfather you see.  There is no denying it, she is a Riley.

Mere :0)


Miss W said...

glad she's doing better this round. still praying for you all

JenP said...

Yeah Manda!!

I'm so glad her numbers are holding and she's doing so well.

She is simply amazing!