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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympic Effort

It may be re-adjusting to life at home or it may be Manda has been inspired by the Olympics but, she is attempting the world record for time-outs in a single day. Check your calendars, 8-10-08 may go into the record books right here in the US. And, I am such a sap that I can tune into any sporting event right at the end and cry because I know someone's life dreams have just been achieved...and shattered, I will reserve my tears for the sports for now.
On another note: How is it that Amanda is the one in chemo, and while her appetite is small she has not exhibited signs of nausea, yet here I am cleaning up after the dog throws up because she is on a self-induced hunger strike!?!?!?!
Mere :O)
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1 comment:

JenP said...

I'm the very same with the Olympics. I've been a teary mess all week.

Sending love to the brave girl!