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Friday, August 29, 2008

Good News All Over the Place!

Manda's numbers are up again. She went from 12% up to 63% so we are good to go for chemo on Monday. The staff member who will be showing up on her Holiday to give chemo to the three kids who need it is our primary nurse who we LOVE and we are first in line so no waiting! How cool is that? This will put us right back on track. When we moved up her inpatient chemo stay we gained about a week in this chemo cycle. By missing last week and doing the chemo next week we basically just reset ourselves to be right on time again. Still looking at surgery probably in September for the tumor resection.
Also, Mommy is finally going to take a couple of hours for herself and get a massage and a spa facial tomorrow. This has nothing to do with beauty, but rather the most relaxation we can squeaze into a two-hour period. Wish me luck for a lasting effect.
Everyone enjoy the long weekend!

Mere :O)
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bboulderr said...

I'm really happy all the way around! 1) Terrific news on the numbers, 2) how awesome that it is your favorite nurse, and she's taking care of others so you don't have to worry about her day, 3) you are still on track, 4) I have to go back to the numbers - yay!, 5) you are taking time out for yourself.

I was wondering if you'd managed to do anything to be kind to yourself, and I'm really happy to here that you have this scheduled. You have to put yourself on the list too sometimes.

VHMPrincess said...

That is so awesome - I have her in my thoughts all the time!! I am so glad her numbers are good!!!