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Sunday, August 31, 2008


In the filter industry HT stands for High-Temp. The handbook says not to page the doctor on call until the temp under her arm reaches 101 degrees (F) or more. Manda's is hovering around 100.1-100.4 degrees. She is acting like she does not feel well but I don't have a specific complaint to give the doctor as a second symptom. It lists headache and digestive upset but I can't say she has either of those yet. I will keep checking her temp, but I am really hoping this does not push back her chemo again. We are supposed to start a 5-day stint of Irinotecan tomorrow.
In other new, we spent the morning at the zoo with Uncle Brian and Cousins Savanna and Lexie. We saw the new big lion exhibit and we bought a stuffed lion for Manda. I told her it was a friend for Meow. She held it for about a minute and then said, "All done lion" and handed it back to me. Oh well. SHe came home and took a nap and woke up with the fever. (Too much sun?)
Keep your fingers crossed for a coldfront on the Manda radar. I'll update tomorrow as to whether we can actually start this week of treatments.
Mere :O)
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