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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Manda had chemo today. Luckily, it was an IV Push which means they put a syringe of meds through her port access and the whole thing was finished in about ten minutes. Of course that came at the end of our afternoon at the Day Clinic. We got there for her 11:30 appointment and they checked her vitals and drew blood and then we had to wait for the numbers to come back before they could give her the chemo.
Today's numbers were not as good as Monday's. The main one we are looking at is called the ANC, the bigger the number the better chance she has of resisting or fighting off infections. We want this number over 1,000. On Monday her ANC was 11,170!! They told me to hold off on her shots for a couple of days and we would see how she did. Today her ANC was 375. WOW. Big drop. She is below their minimum of 500. This means she cannot go out in public places, needs to avoid other kids and visitors who may have been exposed to anything recently or have a sniffle or a bit of stomach upset. We all must wash our hands until the skin peels off (I already accomplished this with a nice chemical burn where the Purell pooled up under my wedding ring). Any sign of fever or illness could mean they would re-hospitalize her.
SO, we will be hanging out in the house this weekend enjoying all of the lovely new books and toys she has been given in the last week by her biggest fans. Seriously, we have the best friends and family ever. We even got a package from her daycare which we had to cancel due to the risk of infection, and today we received a card from the nurses who took care of her that week we were there. How sweet is that? Nanny Rachel joins us again tomorrow (YAY!) to keep her home and healthy while giving Grammy a well-deserved break.
She is not sick, we just want to keep her healthy. far, so good


John said...

Poor thing!

Hope it gets better....

Rachael Rae Diaries said...

Well today she seems to be doing great we are already having fun! thought I would stop in and let you know that we are now blog buddies too! Have a great day!

Vacant Uterus said...

Poor Manda! I hope she has a fun time inside. Can you make a living room fort and have a picnic?


JenP said...

An inflatable pool of ball bit balls might be a good option if boredom starts setting in.

Sending lots of good thoughts for today.