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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

For the Record

In case you were wondering, the first time you see someone you know after learning that their child has cancer, it would be helpful for you NOT to share that your relative/neighbor/friend died of cancer when you were (insert age under 10). I know you are trying to show that you can relate. You cannot. The only way this information could be helpful would be if I were to say, "She is having a hard time with the chemo side effects in (insert particular issue)" and then you would say, "Oh, my relative/neighbor/friend found it helpful to do (insert suggestion which actually HELPED)."
Thank you.


Lauren said...

I wish I could walk out of the ether into your world to hold your hand.


JenP said...

I found it helpful to do my chemo at night. It really helped with the nausea and vomitting but I found the next day to be hell.

Warm baths, lots of nicely scented steam in the shower, and just sleeping were best for me.

The anti-rejection drugs were harder and it's something I don't wish on my worst enemy.

I have said a few prayers for you guys. I don't have a particular belief system but i have found prayer helps me and I hope it helps dear Amanda.

Please stay in touch. We're buying a house and don't have much bandwidth through our cell phone so email is good.

Love, love, love to you guys.