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Monday, July 14, 2008


Well, the ANC number that we were hoping would go up over the weekend actually went down more. We went from 375 down to 150. So, we are still in quarantine. I hate to limit her visitors as she is such a social butterfly but we do not have any options at this point. No one wants to be the cause for her getting sick, so it really hasn't been a problem, more of an inconvenience. I do feel badly that Grandpa and Grandma-Kitty are here from New Mexico and now feel they should not visit. The nurse did tell us to change her medication schedule today and we'll see how she is doing on Thursday when we go back for more chemo. If her numbers go back up then she'll be safe again. That is the weird thing, she is not actually sick, we just need to prevent her from getting sick. We both wished we had a bubble to put her in after coming home from the NICU. As much as I wanted her to be safe, I knew we could seriously damage her psychologically by over-protecting her. We had come so far! Now we are right back where we started. I can only hope that she gets through this at an early enough age to forget the majority of what has been done to her.
On a good note, she has taken to holding up books and saying, "Read!?" It warms this bookworm's heart. She has been listening to audiobooks in the car with me. At the moment we are listening (again) to Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix. The Chamber of Secrets played over and over ...and over during my trips to the NICU. I find escaping to Hogworts to be very soothing.
Hoping for better news on Thursday.

Mere :O)
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Miss W said...

Dammit, Mere, I'm hoping for better news, too! I know you'll have good news when this is all said and done, but oh, how I wish it were sooner than later!

kim said...

Hi Merie, I'm watching you guys closely and you're in my thoughts all the time. That little Amanda is a tough little toot - don't you wish we had more of that resilience as parents? I can just imagaine that your heart feels about 3x too large right now. Love you guys - please let us know if there's anything we can send from Nashville!

Beth said...

Hoping beyond hope that she gets better soon and doesn't continue to be Q2. If there is anything at all you need - I'm just a phone call or e-mail away!

Dan, Tracy & Gracie said...

God bless your family- poor girl just wants to be normal and socialize, and now she's stuck at home. Oh well, there will be a time soon I hope when she can just be a kid again. We pray for this daily and for the peace and comfort of your fam as you journey through this like champions. Germ free kisses from us to Manda and hopes for higher numbers next time.