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Thursday, July 17, 2008


I do not even know where to begin. Manda was so tired and pale last night. She did not sleep well (so neither did we) and I knew today was a chemo day I just fought the feeling all morning that she would be admitted today and we would end up spending the next week inpatient.
Instead, my girl kicked some serious butt and her counts are up well into the thousands now. She is healthy and able to fight off infections. No more quarantine!
We have a haircut scheduled for Sunday. Her hair is now falling out at a high rate of speed. She keeps saying, "Uh-oh!" and handing us strands of hair. Here we go...!
Mere :O)
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Miss W said...

Here we go indeed! Glad to hear the little fighter is ready to kick some serious butt!

Nancy said...

YEA MANDA !!!! I am so thankful the counts are up!!!!! She has always been a little fighter. I know she will beat this illness. Probably a good idea to get the hair cut - she will still be adorable and it will be easier than watching the long hair fall out. Keep a few curls for the baby book - and wait for new curls to grow back once all of this is behind you :-). You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers !

bboulderr said...

Go Manda! That is some seriously excellent news to read. I just got logged on, and was reading in order, thinking "uh oh" myself about a stay that might wind up being longer, so I'm really happily surprised!

Beth said...

So glad to hear she is rocking the numbers! Keeping all of you in my thoughts...

kim said...

Woohoooo! That little social butterfly is ready to spread her wings again!

We have a beautiful little girl in our playgroup who, by nature, just didn't grow hair until she was 4. She always looked adorable in the cute hats and stretchy headbands with bows that she wore. Amanda can make some serious fashion statements now!