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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Almost Normal

This past week was out patient chemo for Amanda. These are long tiring weeks for her (and us). Usually by Friday we are all pulling our hair out. This time was different. She was definitely more tired than normal but we didn't have the tantrums or the huge battles and tantrums that we have come to associate with the out patient weeks. Yay!
Also, our girl seems to have developed a new skill. She is now "reading" her books to us! This is huge step in early reading and associating words with the pictures, etc. She should be ready for MIT any day now. :-)
She also decided to share her cold with me. Grammy said she might have it to. This tells me we probably all picked it up at the clinic last week, or Grammy and I got it from her despite our constant hand washing after wiping Manda's nose all last week. I am sitting in the waiting room at the doctor's office now (gotta love smartphones) hoping to avoid yet another case of labyrinthitis (ear pressure induced vertigo) which seems to be my trend the last few years. Amanda will be seen in the clinic tomorrow, unless she develops a fever before then. So far so good on that front. As long as we do not run out of tissues we will be just fine.
Other than that we are just keeping up with everyday life. Looking forward to Manda's birthday next week. How (and when) did she get to be 3 ?!?!

Mere :0)

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