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Friday, January 23, 2009

I See The Light

Amanda had her CT scan and BAER hearing test on Tuesday. All went very
well. The worst part is when she is waking up from the sedation and cannot
yet hold up her head but wants to get up and walk around! Floppy girl like
a rag doll doesn't understand why we are being mean and holding her down.

You may remember that our oncologist planned to take the AFP of 4.6 (normal)
and the findings of the CT scan (completely clear, no trace of cancer in
either the lungs or the liver) and discuss her case at the Tumor Board this
morning. She said there was a definite sense of optimism about Amanda, both
in how quickly the cancer responded to treatment and how well she has been
able to withstand the treatments they have given her.

Due to the fact that there were still some live cells left at the time of
the surgical resection of the tumor they have decided to do two more rounds
of outpatient chemo. This means we will no longer be checking in for the
4-day IV drips (YAY!) and it also means that we should be finished with
chemo somewhere around the last week of February. "There is a light at the
end of the tunnel," the doctor said on the phone today.

She can tell that we are all getting weary of this journey to health but we
all know that we would do whatever it takes to get Amanda well again.

Once we are finished with the chemo they want to see her every three months
for scans and blood work to ensure the cancer isn't coming back. We will do
this for the next two years since, if it were to come back, these next two
years would be the most likely time.

This is good news. This is optimistic news. This is what we have been
waiting to hear since the last week of June. We are almost there...

Mere :0)


Anonymous said...

I can't think of better news to have heard for Manda, and for you has her parents too.

February seems so close, and so doable when you compare it to what you have already endured.

Congratulations on the great news!

Milenka said...

I love good. I love optimistic. Just wonderful, M. *hug*

swtsurvivor said...

I have tears of joy for you. Just hearing the doctor say there is a light...WOW!!! Your journey is almost over. Soon there will be great reason to celebrate!!!!!