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Friday, September 5, 2008


I knew this would be a long hard week and I was proven right once again. With afternoon appointments for chemo every day Amanda was not able to get her naps in like usual. This coupled with a kid who feels sick from the chemo and has low numbers leads to lots of time outs and crying. She had the time outs, we both cried, but not at the same time.
Next week we are free! No appointments! The next week we have a CT scan on Tuesday and will await surgery. We should not have to wait long. The ball will rest this next week and then begin to roll...quickly.

Mere :O)
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bboulderr said...

I'm so sorry for the tough times this week, but I'll hope for a good week next week on your "free" week, and that there are fewer time outs - unless, she's feeling spunky, then I'll be the one routing her on a bit :) - and a lot less crying.