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Monday, September 1, 2008


I mentioned the fever first hing to the nurse this morning and she had one of the doctors already attending the inpatient oncology patients take a quick peak at Manda before we got the ball rolling. He checked her over from top to bottom and declared her fit for chemo. We had the first of five infusions. She'll go back every day this week for more. This one can make her sick to her stomach so we are also dosing her with Zofran to keep the gagging away. It worked last time, fingers crossed for another good week. We should be finding out this week when she'll have her CT scan and then we are off to the races scheduling surgery to get that sucker out of there. I have a feeling time is about to speed up, like I am going to blink and it will be Christmas.
We are back to good news. Getting ready for our Labor Day cook out.

Mere :O)
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bboulderr said...

I hope your cookout was great!

I'm really pleased that Manda was feeling well enough to start chemo today, so I can only imagine the relief it was to you all. Zofran is an amazing drug and it was the only thing that spared me when I was so sick for many months with my infection & antibiotics. One thing that you may want to keep an eye on - make sure she's getting fluids and fiber, because Zofran's only downfall in my book was the constipation that sometimes came with longer use or higher dosages.

TMI, but better for you to know that to find out later that she's uncomfortable because of it.

Keep us posted!

Milenka said...

Fingers crossed that the news continues to be good. *hugs*

JenP said...

Loads of love. It will be xmas soon. And Manda will be brilliant and healthy and happy.

Alexicographer said...

I haven't had much time to post and know I'm behind but just wanted to say I'm thinking of you and Amanda and hope all is going as smoothly as can be expected (or moreso)