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Sunday, July 6, 2008

To Call or Not to Call

This has been the question weighing on my mind overnight. The Day Clinic is open 9-5 Monday through Friday. Over the weekend we can call and have the Pediatric-Oncologist/Hematologist-On-Call paged for emergencies. They stressed two things before we went home on Thursday night. If you are debating about whether to call or not, call. However, they also said, only page the On Call doctors for true emergencies. So, was my question a "true emergency"? Hmm.
The background is this. What got us to the doctor in the first place was Manda struggling with diarrhea and horrible diaper rash. The rash has cleared up thanks to some FABULOUS stuff they provided at the hospital. 49% petroleum and 15% zinc. Worked miracles! Anyway, the diarrhea continued throughout her hospital stay and they believed that as the chemo kicked in and started working on the tumor she would even out and the problem would go away. Some of the drugs she is getting actually have a constipating effect so things could all balance out. They did stress however that she MUST have at least ONE dirty diaper every day. She has been averaging four per day so this did not concern me, until yesterday. She did not have a dirty diaper yesterday. I remembered the oncologist saying we could get her a stool softener to help her out if this became an issue, but that leads to the original question. Is this an emergency for which I should page the doctor on call? Do I interrupt the guy's holiday weekend to ask about poop? It just didn't seem right.
Luckily, things worked themselves out on their own, uh, so to speak. She had a dirty diaper today which seemed quite uncomfortable to produce. It did however take the pressure off of me (and her too I am sure). We will be in the Clinic tomorrow morning and I can ask then about the stool softener for the next time and I do not have to call with the poop emergency question. Had she waited any longer in the day I would have called, but now I think we can wait.
Now if only we can get her to eat some more solid foods, that might help too. She drinks her milk just fine but hasn't wanted her juice or water. She picks at her food and has little bits at a time. They said this could be a sign of nausea or even her tastes changing due to the chemo. They said not to force her to eat, but let her eat what she wants when she wants it. Nothing more fun than putting the 2-year-old in charge!


Kristin said...

I hope clinic went okay today (Monday). I'd like to bring you dinner tomorrow or Wednesday. It can be fresh to eat that night or frozen for a quick thaw on another hectic day. Let me know.

Amanda is such a little fighter! :)


Dan, Tracy & Gracie said...

Mere- Your family is in our thoughts and prayers daily. We are truly praying for a miracle for your little miracle Manda. It is wonderful to have a blog to catch up on where you are at without bothering you in your hectic new schedule. We would love to help you in ANY way possible. Please pass Dan and email when you are ready for meals and/or help of any other sort. Loves from us!!

Vacant Uterus said...

Oh, sweet girl. I'm so sorry that this is happening to your beautiful little one. I'm glad she was finally able to poop all on her own, though! What a relief.

I'm thinking of you often.

Lisann said...

Hi Meredith -
I play flute with Jeanne in New Horizons, and have two kids of my own (11 and 8), and know how exhausting parenting a sick little one can be. If there is anything I can do to help (meals, grocery shopping, cleaning, dog walking), please have your mom call me. These are the times when it really does take a village, and you have support if you need it. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. It is clear from your blog,and from what I have heard from Jeanne, that you are an incredibly strong woman and a fantastic mom.

Go gently,