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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Amanda!

This is shaping up to be Amanda’s best birthday yet! Not hard considering her actual day of birth, what with not being able to breathe, eat or even open her eyes yet. Her first birthday was very joyful and a bit relieving (for us) considering the year we had been through and we patted ourselves on the back a bit that she had made it to her first birthday. We did have to stagger our celebration between three different parties as; we could not fit everyone in our house all at once. However, I doubt she understood the celebrations, though she did learn that she LOVES cupcakes. Then last year even with the new sled, giant teddy bear and Elmo chair the joy just did not sink in through the pink eye and pneumonia she had contracted…on her birthday.

Today should be better. We have been talking up birthdays in general and she knows she is turning 3! Also, she is between weeks of chemo so her numbers are up and she is actually feeling well. The timing worked out perfectly.

I said to her last night, "Yay Birthday"!

To which she replied, "Yay Birthday Cake"!

*shrug* She is a kid. She knows what she wants and says what she thinks. So, today we shall celebrate our dear girl making it through another harrowing year with cupcakes and presents and TONS of hugs and kisses. We will wish her health and happiness and keep our fingers crossed for a good uneventful year, and many more.

Original Birth Day 2-17-06

First Birthday - Handful of Cupcake

Second Birthday - Sick

Third Birthday

Meow dressed up for the occassion.


Miss W said...

Happy birthday, Amanda! Here's hoping it truly is your best yet!!!

Lala said...

wow. It's hard to believe it's been three years since you shocked us all with her birth. I'm grateful to still be following your lives, Happy 3rd birthday from Piper, Ronan and I.

Joe said...

Happy Birthday, Amanda!!!!You are my hero.

Beth said...

Aww, Happy Belated Birthday, Manda! I hope it all went well.

kim said...

Happpy Birthday, brave baby girl! And mommy and daddy too! Keep an eye out for a special belated birthday delivery next week.

jbondsgirl said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Manda-girl! May there be many more joyful birthdays in your future. And TONS of cupcakes.