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Saturday, January 3, 2009


Her temp is normal. Her ANC is up to 804. This is still below the safety zone of 1000, but does not require hospitalization. The jump from 107 to 804 in one day qualifies as rising rapidly and so far her cultures are still negative for bacterial infection. This is all fabulous news! So, we just need her to prove capable of eating and drinking on her own by tomorrow so we can go home! She sat on my lap this afternoon and munched on some banana and chips of all things! She also ate some M&Ms instead of just letting them disolve in her mouth and drool out the chocolate. Eating is good but drinking is necessary and she is still turning down all offered liquids. They did back down her IV fluids hoping to help her feel thirsty.
The final clue that she is feeling better is the fact that her display of frustration, the whining and wimpering (a sound Daddy described as "like a mouse crying") has changed to full out bucking-bronco anger. Mommy has been beat up more than once today trying to prevent her from hurting herself or the IV tubes.
Fingers crossed for a trip home tomorrow.

Mere :0)


Kimberley said...

Fingers crossed...I think about Amanda every day...

Kimberley said...

p.s. my blog is just so you know I'm not some weirdo. :)