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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Happy Ho-Ho-Ho To You"

Ok, so I totally ripped that off from the Harry Connick Jr. song, but it is

A couple of days ago Amanda rediscovered the stickers she had placed on her
bedroom door, several stars of different colors. She noticed these late at
night as I was changing her diaper in an attempt to get her to! I told her the rhyme of Star light, star
bright... then I asked her if she could wish for anything in the world, what
she would wish for. Her reply, "Fruit bar"! (Her second favorite snack. The
first favorite being ABC pretzels with goldfish crackers and M&Ms mixed in.)
Hmm. We'll have to work on the wishing thing.

Sitting in a restaurant last night we heard the wait staff do their own
version of a birthday song for someone sitting at a nearby table. The song
included a leader and the group who answered and lots of hand clapping. At
the end when everyone else in the restaurant thought they could go back to
dining in peace, Manda applauded and shouted at the top of her lungs, "Good
Song"! She enjoyed it again when they did it not 20-minutes later for
another table the next row over. Daddy suggested we could take her there
for her birthday so they could sing to her. I am thinking not.

She had another BAER hearing test yesterday and passed with flying colors!
Yay! She had an echocardiogram which I have not hear back on yet. Last
time she was above normal function so I am not too worried. They also drew
blood for another AFP. This is the cancer marker we have been waiting to
drop to 8 or below. This one takes time to process so I knew better than to
ask yesterday. I called this afternoon... 4.3!!!!!!! I am relieved,
speechless, humbled, grateful and scared all at once. We will continue with
the chemo in hopes that the cancer stays away but we are nearing the end of
the aggressive treatment phase. We are headed back inpatient on Friday and
will get out Christmas Eve. We have already gotten the best Christmas gift
we could ask for!

A Very Merry Christmas to you all!

Mere :0)


Nancy said...

YAH !!! That's the number we have been praying for :-)
We celebrate this fabulous news with you and continue to pray that the cancer is gone forever !!!!!

Miss W said...

That is incredible! Literally brought tears to my eyes. I am just so happy for you all! Praising God for answered prayers!

Lala said...

That's fantastic!

Milenka said...

Absolutely wonderful news! I couldn't be happier for your family, M!

VHMPrincess said...

LThat is the best news EVER! !! YAY!!!

Dan, Tracy, Gracelyn & Olivia said...

An answer to prayer, we celebrate with you and continue to pray that Manda heals fully. God bless your family this Christmas more than ever:)

Beth said...

Such great news! That brought tears to my eyes. Hoping and wishing you get the big R and stay that way!

Anonymous said...

HOORAY! I have been lurking along and I am so happy to hear this news! I have been praying for you and your family. Have a very merry Christmas!


kim said...

Oh and a MERRY Christmas to you! You just made my Christmas, Merie-love! So happy that the markers are soooo low. Thats amazing - what a sweet blessing to have this time of year!

JenP said...

Sending hugs to your brave girl.