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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Red Flag

Note to self (and medical community at large): Amanda is allergice to oxycodone!
Our girl now has a red flag on her file saying she is allergic to oxycodone.  Good to know.  So, morphine and oxycodone are out.  She is now "on" ibuprofen.  I say "on" because she has yet to take it.  She is comfortable until she has to move.  She had a dirty diaper last night and a smaller one this morning.  We can give her stool softeners at home.  The surgeon asked the nurse today why she was still here.  Um...because you all have not released her yet.  I expect they will kick us out tomorrow.  Hoping to get the drain tube out of her belly before we head home but they do still have to empty fluids out of it so not sure how that will go.  I am also not sure how she will like being strapped into a car seat.  I am guessing that will not go well as sitting upright still requires multiple pillows and great preparation.
Pain meds (every 6 hours) when she is willing to take them (she saw right through the chocolate milk, apple juice and multiple switching of cups) if she even suspects there are meds hidden in something she will refuse it now.  Ack! Now what do I do?
Stool softeners (twice a day) again, when she is willing to take them.
She will not be climbing all over the couch for a while as she can barely turn over by herself at this point but that does not warrant her staying in the hospital.  This is all speculation on my part, let's see if I am right.

Mere :0)


kim said...

Wow Wow Wow, what a turn of events! It's a shame you have to have to try all the things you're allergic to before you find out you're allergic! Poor little peanut. Hope the rash is better and I'll be thinking about you as you make your way home. Maybe they can give her something to help her be more comfortable - but not Morphine or Oxycodone!

bboulderr said...

Ibuprofen works really well, as long as it is taken consistantly. (Ahead of the pain.)

Have they considered oral Hydromorphone (Dilaudid) or Meperidine (Demerol) ? Both are synthetics that I tolerate, though I get the same reaction that Manda has had to her oxy & morph. Poor thing.

That miralax can be put in to anything, I swear. Yogurt? Ice cream? Soup? Juice? Mommy's drink (to offer instead of something she thinks has med in it).

Wish I could help more. But if you get an odd pain med situation or rash, send me a note. I've had them all. *sigh* (

Manda! You're doing so well! Let's get you home!!