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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Here We Go

We met with the surgeon today to discuss next week's events. As is her new
custom, Amanda kissed him on the knee. Maybe this will bring us luck? At
least butter him up a bit?
We will be checking in Thursday morning (Oct. 9th), at the moment surgery is
scheduled for around noon. They will confirm this the day before. They
will cut out the tumor and remove the entire right half of her liver. We
are looking at a good 5 hours in the waiting room. I say this, it might be
less, it might be more. I will not start to tap my foot and check the clock
every two-seconds until 5 hours have come and gone and things start
stretching beyond that. (You know, or so I say now.) Manda will spend one
or two nights in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Once they are convinced she
is stable she will be moved to a normal room on the Oncology floor. We are
looking at around a week in the hospital provided she does not have any
They will have blood standing by in case she develops bleeding issues.
(Anyone O+? Go donate so the city supply is well stocked, would you?) She
will come out of surgery with a small drain tube to check for any bile leaks
that may happen once she resumes eating. (Fingers crossed this is not an
issue and they do not have to teach us how to empty and measure the bile
once we go home. Just, ick.)
The FABULOUS news is, her numbers from her blood work today are still quite
high and we can discontinue the Neupogen shots! No Pokes!!! Also, they do
not need to see her in the clinic next week so our next trip to the hospital
will be for the surgery itself.
I have already placed holds on a couple of audio books at the library.
Hopefully they will be in before next Thursday so I can get them loaded on
my iPod before we check in. I may work my way through the entire Harry
Potter series from start to finish! (I suppose I cannot blame Manda for
watching Elmo 1000s of times in a row when I do the same with HP, huh?)
So, I have a week to prepare and get things settled both at home and at work
for my absence.

Mere :0)


Anna Dummer said...

Hey, it's Anna (Stef's sister). I think I'm O+ (either that or O-)and you don't know how much I wish I could have donated to stock some specifically for Amanda. We have a blooddrive at work next week and I'll be there for that, so I'm kinda spirit...

bboulderr said...

Thank you for updating with the information. You've been on my mind, and I'd hoped that no news meant you were involved with the details of every day life.

Terrific news on the no more pokes!

I can't fathom what having the surgery date means to you all. I'm sure you are relieved to know it is on the schedule, and equally aprehensive to know that it is the next step.

You will certainly be in my thoughts and prayers up to and through surgery and the hospital stay after the big day. I have every faith that Manda is a champion fighter!

I wish I were in town to be able to donate, save for that pesky - after my blood type, but I'd do it just to make sure that someone else would have it as a gift from Manda.

Take good care of yourself!

PS - do you know that iTunes has a iTunes Univeristy where there are a bunch of free things you can download to listen and/or watch? Don't know if there is anything that might interest you, but it is worth looking at. Check the left hand side in the upper white box.

Vacant Uterus said...

I've been silently lurking for a while but I'm still here. I'll be thinking of all of you on the 9th and praying that Manda's surgery goes well. If I lived in your city, I'd be bringing my O+ self to the hospital right now. Good luck, sweet Manda!

(And yay for no pokes!)

JenP said...

Just sending some good wishes for you guys.

sweetbiscuit said...

I've got a public blog. I've kept a Xanga for years but only other Xanga users can view it. check out sweetbiscuit (sweet for Isaak aka sweetpotato and biscuit for Joe)

Joey said...

Thinking about you!!!Sending Prayers your way.