March for Babies

Friday, October 10, 2008

Chasing our tails.

HOLY CRAP! She may be allergic to morphine. Good thing we haven't been pumping her full of that for the past two days. Oh wait. Yes we have!


Anonymous said...

Oh no! I'm allergic myself - feel like I have ants crawling on my skin & scratch myself in my haze until I bleed (nice, right?) - and if I'm stuck with morphine I have to have benedryl at the same time to minimize the allergic issues. (I've had to have morphine in a couple of emergency type in-office situations.)

The good news for me is that they figured out that I'm much more ok with with synthetics like demerol. Hopefully they can make that type of determination for Manda?

Poor thing!

kim said...

Oh no! I hope they get that figured out soon! I have an awful reaction to morphine too. They thought I was going to jump out of the window from all the insane itching after my last c-section. You guys hang in there!