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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Waiting for the Phone to Ring

Well we are waiting for the phone to ring. We are waiting to hear back on
what her blood work shows as her new AFP. This will tell us how she is
responding to the chemo. We are waiting to hear back on what this morning's
CT scan showed. This will tell us if we are ready for surgery. The BAER
test showed she has not lost any hearing in either ear but her left ear was
quite full of wax. We will have to look into that. Don't want it to become
a problem with her hearing in the future.


Mere :0)


bboulderr said...

Waiting waiting waiting. I hate waiting for the phone to ring!

I've been thinking of your all and hoping for good things in that call!

kim said...

I am waiting right there with you, Mere! You guys were on my mind a lot today even before I read this update. Hope you get some answers and can move on with the plan soon!