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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Long Weekend!

Well, if things continue as they are now they will stop the IV drip at 5am and we could go home whenever they decide she is not having any reactions. So far, so good.
We did not have any further episodes of Manda getting sick. This did mean that we skipped her medicine all together last night and she only got half of her dose tonight. I hear about it from the nurses but they cannot tell me she is better off throwing up the meds 10-seconds after it goes down. I personally think that is worse than not getting it at all. I should point out that the medicine in question is meant to help prevent thrush (like babies get in their mouths) so skipping a few doses here and there isn't that critical. Also, she takes it at home all the time without a second thought. She actually likes to hold the oral dose syringe and push the plunger herself. So, if the hospital is a big scary environment where we skip it for a couple of days it is not the end of the world. (Do I sound defensive yet?)
I am hoping that when we get home tomorrow, being in her own bed will help her sleep. She has always been a good sleeper. However, this particular hospital stay she is fighting sleep both at night and naps in the afternoon. Ugh! She is SO tired and she is crabby and demanding and she NEEDS to sleep! Saturday night she didn't settle down to sleep until midnight! Now here we are, 23 hours later and she is wide awake and playing with her Elmo doll instead of sawing logs. I find myself napping in the afternoons when she does just so I will have the energy to stay awake as long as she does at night. This should, make that WILL change at home.
Back to "normal" tomorrow! Wish us luck.
Mere :O)
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bboulderr said...

I am hoping that you'll be reading this from home! :)

Please know that I understand that my own situation was not at all like that of your child's, but when I was so, so sick with my infection a while back, I got to the point where I think you are now. You realize that the staff are there to do their best and to relay information from the doctors who may or may not be there at any given time. Medicine does, in my opinion, involve in some cases a nuance in approach. Your decision to medicate, or not is your own version of this same approach.

You are your own best advocates, because you know yourselves and your child better than any other person does. Sometimes you find yourself in an "I'm all in" mode, and other times you find yourself in a "I'll take that under advisement."

I simply think that there are times to make the exact types of choices you've made, and other times not to - and you know when those times are.

I developed a huge (still to this day) aversion to a particular medicine/taste because of constant, 24 hour a day nausea. If it can happen to an adult, I'm guessing it is even easier for it to happen to a child.

If you have no issue with her taking the medicine at home, then why help develop an aversion in the hospital - unless your gut tells you it is one of those times to listen to the guidance you are being given.

I hope that once you are home you all can get back to your regular life schedule - I know how messed up my internal clock got at the hospital with the constant checks and the flourescent lighting, and the 24/7 action in the halls, etc. I also had a room that was off an atrium, rather than with direct outside views, and that altered my sleep patterns because I wasn't as aware of the day/night hours because I had the blinds towards the closed side for privacy. I feel your disorientation!

Here's hoping for a good week!