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Monday, August 4, 2008


I have often said that Amanda was not premature but rather, she was advanced placement. She did not need that third trimester. This is a joke of course, but she has done exceptionally well for a 24-weeker. Today, her lab appointment proved this once again. Her numbers are through the roof. The initial meaning of this was No Pokes until she was to go back for inpatient chemo 10 days from now. Yay! Then, my phone rang. It was our nurse from the clinic asking if we could move up her admission to say, the day after tomorrow. Holy Cow! With a bit of juggling we can pull this off.
The reason they want to move up the schedule is because she has done better than they expected. They were going to give us the extra week because they expected her to need that time for her blood counts to go back up. Not our girl! So, tomorrow will be prepping for the rest of the week inpatient. They told us at the beginning that everything was written in pencil. Moving up this chemo treatment will move up everything else too, which means we are that much closer to surgery. Stay tuned, we'll see what is next on this rollercoaster. I envision a lot of Elmo in the near future.
Mere :O)
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JenP said...

Fantastic news that she is doing so well!

I'm hoping everything goes really, really well this week!

And Elmo helps the cause with all his red-furry might.

Lots and lots of love.