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Monday, July 28, 2008

Because She is THAT Good!

Manda had labs today just to check her numbers. She is not off the charts high, but she is well within the safe range. So, I only need to give her shots every-other day now and she can skip her Thursday appointment. She will have a hearing test on Wednesday (one of the chemo drugs can effect her hearing so they will check her each time before she gets that one) but does not need any bloodwork done. We will check her numbers again next Monday.
We are all set to enjoy our two-week hiatus from treatments and will prepare for our next inpatient stay mid-August which will mark the beginning of Chemo Cycle #2. Now we know what to expect and can look for trends in how she reacts to things. For instance, when her numbers dropped so low that we basically quarantined her in the house it was a bit of a delayed reaction from the first chemo drug she had been given. This time we will see that coming, so she will probably get more consistent shots to keep her numbers from dropping so low.
Good Day!

Mere :O)
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Anonymous said...

Mere, that is really promising news. Who wouldn't want to go to shots on alternating days, instead of every day? Round #2 sounds like it will be an improvement over round #1, and I like the sound of that.

I'll be hoping for the best with the hearing test. I had an antibiotic that I was on that had similar issues, so I get it.

I hope your 2 weeks is full of the normal things in life and that you do get some time to enjoy the days.

Vacant Uterus said...

Hooray! I'm glad she's doing well and that you can skip an appointment. And knowing what to expect to make next time smoother is wonderful. I think about you often and I'm praying for Manda's speedy recovery.


JenP said...

Sending lots of love and good wishes.